A Bit About Me


Utilizing online technology to streamline the homeschool education process through transmedia projects in Skill Share Classes, creative writing projects, and interactive games.


Who I Am

I am a creative Transmedia project creator & writer, inventive educational homeschool author, who writes novels, scripts, poems, CYOA, e-books & journals. A political activist, I infuse my novels and screenplays with my passion for truth, justice, and the American Way.



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A Bit About Me

My weekdays are filled with writing creative adventures
that teach, entertain and delight all,
& Transmedia projects that utilize multiple types of media works
that complete the whole puzzle
with little bits. E-books, videos, tweets,
movies, novels, emails and faxes
combined. They build on the
other media types, & allows each
tale to tell one fragment, a passage of
heart felt dialogue & description
to move the chronicle further along.
Spokane Washington is my birthplace
elementary through high-school, Chattaroy my adopted
home with trees, nature & open space
to breathe and create.
From ages three to six I
lived in Taiwan; Spiders,
Earthquakes, Open-markets, Chopsticks.
Strange new language and sights ruled
real-time butchered animals & bloody isles,
stomach-turning vile smells …
The stench of an open-stalled market
revives old memories of
a young girl
queasy and retching throughout the route.
I am a creative writer
& inventive educational homeschool author and scriptwriter.
A political activist with passions
for Life, Liberty and quest for happiness
& human dignity with justice
for all persons. Basic income,
life to prosper & liberty
to live freely, happiness actively pursued
equality for all & justice attained,
taught through inventive creative writing, educational
materials that change ideals about our future.


WOW- Spydra and Spidie Pet

History through the Bullet Point:

  • From age nine, writing became a passion.
    My first story involved my Cabbage Patch Doll and Sandi-cat solving mysteries in the Cabbage Patch Hospital. As a mother, I devised creative stories to explain my children’s disappearing socks. The publication of Sock Monsters Invade Earth inspired me to use my writing to publish home-school books and e-books through Lulu Publications, and Create Space.
  • Granddaughter to Ray & Arline, owner of R & H Machine, designer of the first chrome alloy parts used in agriculture and author of the Dear Ray series, originally located in Colfax WA.
  • Daughter to Dale and Floidine, who raised me to be loving, giving and caring. These attributes have been passed on to my own children.
  • Mother and homeschool instructor, with over twenty years’ experience, I have watched my own children grow and become well-adjusted adults. Wife to Paul for the past twenty-five years, the thought of being empty nesters inspires new plans. Pet to Silhouette and Athena, the diva cats of the home.
  • After successfully working my way out of my homeschooling job, I recently received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree through Full Sail University Online.
    I am dedicated to expanding my audience through Transmedia projects, interactive games, and the global internet community.