Full-Sail University Portfolio Works

Portfolio Works from Full-Sail University 2014

Math in Entertainment

A math essay for those in the Entertainment Business


Kooky Tales Short Stories

All Hallows Eve: Follow this cat as she saves her pets!
Frog-utopia: When a frog wakes up in a new environment, strange things happen.
consumed: A Sci-fi Short Adventure involving aliens!
Have Medallion: A Spooky Halloween Tale
Robbers: When two bungling crooks rob a bank, expect the unexpected!
Art History Adventures: An Quest through Art- A short story!

All Hallows Eve
Frog Utopia

Have Medallion

Have Medallion, Will Travel


Art History Adventures

Pastiche Style Poems

Spider Mania: What happens when your home is invaded? Read this poem & find out!
Nothing We Can Do: A he-said, she-said poem about rape.
CONGRATS A poem in honor of our daughter’s graduation
Our Itty Bitty Pretty One: A video creation with poem about our daughter.
Our Miracle Child: A poem in honor of our daughter’s first days of life.
Time With My Father: A poem about my father
Sock Monsters Invade Earth Poem: What does happen to all those missing sock?

Spider Mania: A Pastiche Style Poem

Spider Mania

How do you respond to spiders? Read this funny true life adventure and see if you would act the same way!  

Music for Spider Mania:
SethRoachMusic. (2010, July 24). Flight of the bumble bee player piano. Retrieved fromhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENe23pnXSkI

Video with music and voice for Spider Mania found here:
Spider Mania


Nothing We Can Do: Pastiche Style Poem

Nothing We Can Do

What happens in a “he said” “she said” situation? Read one account in this Pastiche Style Poem. Touching poem written to express the inner feelings of one girl who faces the torment of rape and the consequences of a system that can create a second rape without the full intent.

Thu Le. (2010, December 31). Mad world piano version. Retrieved fromhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWVfPa6tmJc

Lieberth, Elise. (2010, July 06). You’re gonna pay. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=ZjgiZ7kxJ8o&list=PLBB9D4110B8200F9C

Video and voice recording for the poem Nothing We Can Do found here:
Nothing We Can Do


Our Miracle Child: A Pastiche Style Poem

Our Miracle Child

How would you feel if your doctor told you your baby might not survive birth? One mother’s account of  a true-life story. This short tribute was written in honor of Dr. James Carson – Spokane, WA

Taylor, J. (2013, August 06). All i need is a miracle. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ClsQo6n2l4

Watch the video with voice and music here: Our Miracle Child

Our Itty Bitty Pretty One:

Our Itty Bitty Pretty One

A graduation tribute to Theda Davies. Join one mom in her celebration from birth to adulthood. Please enjoy ‘Our Itty Bitty Pretty one’.

Phalanges04. (2011, Oct 07). Little bitty pretty one. Retrieved from

Jim02026. (2010, August 10). Little bitty pretty one piano player. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRfYXY5ET0k

Watch the video with music and voice here: Our Itty Bitty Pretty One


Video Project Directed by Dalene Davies (Our Itty Bitty Pretty One)

CONGRATS– Video script for video

Visual Video Link (Our Itty-Bitty Pretty One Video)


Time With My Dad: A Pastiche Style Poem

Time With My Dad

Sock Monsters Invade Earth Poem

Sock Monsters Invade Earth Poem

Time With My Father: A poem about my father and the Agricultural Show in Spokane WA.

Sock Monsters Invade Earth: One Mom relates a discovery behind the missing socks.

Art History Set

Art History- Adventures in Art and Video for Holocaust Museum  (Video and Script)

– Video Contains Graphic Images-


Script Samples and Games

Operation-Occupy_SpecScript— An undercover cop must decide between justice or the rule of law.

Operation: Occupy  Spec Script

Operation Occupy: An undercover cop must decide between justice or the rule of law.

Open House: Animation Short



An explosion rocks WestVille High on the day of Miss Middleston’s open house. Emma, Clara and Samuel dart to the scene first to discover the bank has been robbed….


Ardents Adventures Part One - Twine Game

Ardent’s Adventures Link Part One

You are a 12-year old boy who must become the hero your mother needs in order to save your mother’s life. Can you do it?

Ardent's Adventures Part Two

Ardent’s Adventures Link Part 2

You are now a 17-year old Ardent. You have been given a task to complete in order to win your true love. Will you do it?

Puzzles and a CYOA for Shadow Master’s Final Quest

Vampire Vintage

Vampire Vintage

Click the link above for more information.

https://sites.google.com/site/vampirecraving/: A Transmedia Game

Click here to work the puzzle.

Dragon’s Lair: A CYOA start for a game: A Choose Your Own Adventure

Dragon's Lair: Choose Your Own Adventure

Dragons Lair: Shadow’s Final Quest CYOA