Kooky-Tale Quest


While hunting for a new home, Sock Monsters Invade Earth and discover kids, socks, and new fun. Sock Monsters lurk everywhere; these invisible, fun-loving sock-hungry creatures LOVE and LIVE to get your kids into trouble. They were unearthed in the Smith family home, quite by accident, and have been discovered to be invading all of Earths homes. The door to the Sock Monster world opens a new domain. Sock Monsters is written for all kids, ages 8 to 80, who have tangled with these mythical beings but never saw them.

Important point: All PDF downloads have an unlimited number of copies under the copyright. As the author, I have given the purchaser the right to make as many copies as you need. Once you buy it, you can print it (unlimited). If you enjoy it, pass the link to your friends and family so they can also buy it and print it (unlimited) as well.

PDF-Sock Monster Interactive Read Write and Draw PDF – found on Lulu

Book-Sock Monster 8×11 Coil Read Write and Draw Book – found on Lulu