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WHAT is a Pay-It-Forward Book Program                                                        July 12, 2018

The Pay-it-forward book program is an idea born of frustration, longing, and sheer determination. It is the idea that every child deserves a book. It started in a bizarre fashion. Allow me to tell you the story.

I wrote “Sock Monsters Invade Earth” and asked my kids to draw the pictures for it. We worked on it together. I wrote it because my kids were tired of listening to the stories I told them about the Sock Monsters when their socks vanished. I wrote the story to show them that if they put their minds and hearts into something, it would work out.

We finished the book and I showed it to my family. We were at the Agriculture Show. One of the booth workers happened by and asked to take a look. I explained what it was and what it represented to our family.

He looked me in the eye and said, “I want 26.”

My mind began working the numbers.

He turned to me and said, “As a donation. We are a small hospital that runs on donations so I can’t purchase them but we need material for our kids and parents to enjoy in our rooms.”

My mind began working the numbers … again … with the word Donation running through it.

I now looked him in the eye. “I’ll look into it.” The idea stayed with me, percolating.

I couldn’t figure out how to fund this idea until … one day I was thinking about the second book I wrote that was an Interactive book. This second book is an Interactive- Read, Write, and Draw- Book designed to get kids to practice reading, writing and drawing in a fun and non-threatening way. I have them express themselves using pen and paper instead of using a computer. While I was thinking about this book and my donation problem, I started thinking about the Pay-it-Forward concept. On my yearly list of holidays, one day had been set aside as a Pay-It-Forward kindness day and thus the three ideas mixed together.

We now have the Pay-It-Forward book donation program!

I put the plan together and created a second set of books unavailable for purchase except by me. The cover has been tweaked a bit so I can tell the difference. I set up an authors page on Amazon as my CreateSpace book replicated itself on Amazon Prime. Now each book for the main program offers free shipping for Prime members.

What more did I need? A way to fund the shipping for my donation book! I added the direct and indirect costs and added it all into the main price of the book. Now the program is completely self-sustaining.

The final bookkeeping item has to do with records. I would like permission to add you to my list for my next book thank-you Hall of Fame Donation page. How your name appears is up to you. Your initials, your first name initial and last name, a pet name, a person like your child you would like to be thanked. If you would prefer to remain anonymous – that’s fine. Just be creative with it or do nothing. I just want to be able to express my own gratitude to those who believe every child deserves a place to heal through words and deeds.


Kooky Tales presents the story of Sock Monsters who find a way to invade Earth to steal socks!



These books are part of the Sock Monster Invade Earth Pay It Forward Program sponsored by Dalene Davies and 3D-Design-Connections.
Just purchase the books below and a book from above will be donated.

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The Sock Monsters Invade Earth Pay It Forward Program is an Interactive read, write and draw book that I created to use for fundraising to give to Children’s Hospitals for the kids who stay there; I will also be giving the hospital copies of the reading book to keep for each room. For each book purchased, an extra one will be given to a Children’s Hospital either for the child or the room the child is using. These books are the start of the Pay-It-Forward Program. They can also be found on Amazon. Just search for Dalene Davies and click the buy button (also listed as a Prime product)

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Sock monsters Invade Earth- A Novel

A Sock Monsters Adventure Book 1

Sock Monsters Invade Earth: the Novel


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