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New Twitter Story- New Name and Hashtages
December 2013 Kooky Tales  S.O.S. Spirit of Santa

1A- #KookyTales by 3D Look for my new Kooky-Tales! A New kind of story just for my Twitter Family! Dec Story- Spirit of Santa #SOS.

December Kooky Tale


1.#KookyTales #SOS A short play written for the Season about the Spirit of Santa and his magical list; please join us as the play begins.


2. #KookyTales #SOS Santa peeks around the curtains, his breathing increases. The theatre fills, a bell dings and Santa enters to claps.


3. #KookyTales #SOS Santa sits in his overstuffed chair and eats his apples. The milk vanishes and he picks up the plate.


4. #KookyTales #SOS Santa: HO HO HO! Look here. A message appears! An X marks the spot. Now the fun begins.


5. #KookyTales #SOS Santa holds it up for the audience. A huge copy appears on the screen behind Santa. Gasps echo. pic.twitter.com/CiPwozRkUN


6. #KookyTales #SOS Santa: The legend shows the skull and cross bones for a pirates treasure. Five paces to the left and three paces back.


7. #KookyTales #SOS Santa follows. He reaches the X. He finds an old box. He plucks the box and finds an old skeleton key. He grabs it.


8. #KookyTales #SOS Santa refers back to the map. Footprints lead away from the X. Santa follows. Lights dim and the wind howls.


9. #KookyTales #SOS A projection lights up. A ghost appears. Santa: Ho Ho Ho, who are you? No answer. The spirit stares at Santa.

10 SOS

10. #KookyTales #SOS Santa: What do you want, this key? He nods, watches him intently. Santa follows the footsteps. The spirit tags along.

11 SOS

11. #KookyTales #SOS Santa: Five steps back, three steps forward. On we go, toward the next treasure. I spy a chest in the corner.

12 SOS

12. #KookyTales #SOS Santa approaches to unlock it. Santa: Look, it contains an old gold bound book. Santa reaches for the book.

13 SOS

13. #KookyTales #SOS Santa: Ho-Ho what is this? A gust of wind pushes on me. I feel the arms of a spirit holding me back.

14 SOS

14. #KookyTales #SOS Santa falls to the floor. The spirit jumps into the chest with the key and all vanish, leaving a mirror in its place.

15 SOS

15. #KookyTales #SOS Santa falls to the floor. The spirit jumps into the chest with the key and all vanish, leaving a mirror in its place.

16 SOS

16. #KookyTales #SOS Santa: Ho-Ho-Ho The light from the mirror has me in its grip. I feel all tingly. Something is happening to me!

17 SOS

17. #KookyTales #SOS Santa: Suddenly, I can see all the good children in the world. A pen and scroll sit beside it.

18 SOS

18. #KookyTales #SOS The audience cheers when a spotlight catches the glitter of the mirror creating a glow around Santa. Curtain closes.



Twitter-Stories can be found here:

Twitter Story– T.A.P. Terror at Phantomhill

Kooky Stories presents a #Storytweet. Tune in for my weekly installment. This month’s story #TAP Terror at Phantomhill by Dalene Davies. Nov 2013. Written for Portfolio One at Full-Sail Univ.

November Twitter Story:


2. Standing on the street corner; raincoat, buttoned, goggles; bright green gloves and flip-flops finish his disguise. #Storytweet #TAP


3. Gun at his side. He pushes an empty grocery cart; staring at the dark sky; walkie-talkie booming, static fills the air. #Storytweet #TAP


4.“Unit 431, anything yet?” “This is Unit 431, streets are dead.” “Ten-Four-Out.” He watches, goggles tuned like bug eyes. #Storytweet #TAP


5. A sound catches his attention. He aims the gun. A huge explosion rocks the street and fire erupts. A figure approaches… #Storytweet #TAP


6. #Storytweet #TAP “Who be destroying my home?” A voice echoes. Sam shudders. A moment later, static from the walkie-talkie fills the air.


7. #Storytweet #TAP: Sam’s attention shifts from the mysterious figure. “Unit 431, report!” “Unit 431, tripped a blast. Investigating now.”


8. #Storytweet #TAP: Sam returns to the figure. He is missing. Sam flips his goggles on and begins a slow sweep along the street.


9. #Storytweet #TAP: The car, directly ahead, begins to glow. A dark figure steps out and faces Sam. Sam quickly brings up the gun…

10 TAP

10. #Storytweet #TAP: “Base, Unit 431, facing a glowing figure. Do I engage?” “Unit 431, negative. Our people are converging.” “10-4, Out.”

11 TAP

11. #Storytweet #TAP: Several things happen at once. The figure flies up in the air; the gun turn to mush, and two dark figures appear.

12 TAP

12. #Storytweet #TAP: Sam stares. The two figures fire their weapons. The stranger holds out his hand and zaps everyone. The world heats up.

13 TAP

13. #Storytweet #TAP: The world begins to expand and contract. Sam’s head feels light. A loud noise starts. The other two grab their heads …

14 TAP

14. #Storytweet #TAP: “Unit 431, report! Unit 432, what is happening?” All parties are frozen. No one moves. No one can respond.

15 TAP

15. #Storytweet #TAP: The alien shifts. He looks at his enemies and laughs. “What do you earthlings think? I am the Guardian.”

16 TAP

16.#Storytweet #TAP: The Guardian flips his fingers and opens a wormhole. Wind fills the street. He zaps all the Earthlings to another time.

17 TAP

17. #Storytweet #TAP: Sam & company wake in a zoo. They are the main attraction. The aliens snicker. “Earthlings think they are so smart!”


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